Benefiting the San Diego Humane Society

Puzzle Pieces Marketing is committed to assisting those in need. Whether it be small businesses and nonprofits, or abandoned cats and dogs, we are dedicated to providing help to those that need it most. To really show that we care, Puzzle Pieces has developed a referral program that benefits not only our clients, but the animals of the San Diego Humane Society as well.


When you fill out our referral form, all your friends and followers will get 10% of their service.  For every referral you send us, you can choose how to spend your reward.  You can either receive a 10% discount on your service, donate 10% to the San Diego Humane Society, or split your reward, keeping 5% and donating 5%. If you need a service later, but want a reward for helping us now, that’s fine!  We will give you $100 for each Qualified Referral you send us!

This referral program is as easy as can be; simply refer a friend and walk away with your choice of:

$100 in cash to do with as you see fit,

a 10% discount off your own services,

a 10% donation,


a split 5% discount and 5% donation

Not only do you and the orphaned animals benefit from this arrangement, but the person you refer also receives the choice of a 10% discount or donation, or the same 50/50 split presented to you.

Your referral will be contacted via phone and a consultation will be set up.

If you discovered this promotion on your own and are referring yourself, then you are both the referrer and referral. This means you are only entitled to a 10% discount or donation, which can also be split into a 5% discount and 5% donation.

Together we can make a difference in the world. Our referral program aims to create some much-needed positivity and you can add to that by participating. Help Puzzle Pieces Marketing in their philanthropic endeavors while benefitting the community – and yourself!