Cat & Craft Public Relations Strategy

Cat & Craft is the first cat café in North San Diego County that combines a specialty coffee shop featuring, local craft coffee and artisan pastries and cat lounge that houses adoptable rescue felines. Located in North County San Diego, Cat & Craft works with LYFF, a local 501c3 cat rescue to find forever homes for homeless cats and kittens.

Opening on January 12, 2019, Cat & Craft provides patrons an environment to socialize and relax, over premium coffee and freshly baked local artisan pastries, with its adoptable feline companions.


Since it was just recently opened in January 2019, Cat & Craft is still building its
brand awareness. The majority of the local population still does not know that it exists due to being new to the market. In addition, the general population doesn’t have a clear understanding of the business model and isn’t aware that:

  1. even though they are a for-profit coffee shop, their primary goal is collaborating with their nonprofit partner to find forever homes for their adoptable felines and,
  2. the coffee shop and cat café are two separate and distinct areas and visitors can enjoy the experience of the coffee shop without having to come into direct contact or interact with cats. 
  3. there is a difference between a “cat-friendly” coffee shop and cat cafés like Cat & Craft whose business model is to provide a channel for potential families to interact with adoptable felines.


We focused our efforts on improving brand visibility in the local and surrounding communities, help Cat & Craft increase their awareness, and support their efforts to help the adoptable felines find their forever homes. The goal was to obtain media coverage that communicates Cat & Crafts tailored messaging to each of their target audiences.

Puzzle Pieces Marketing presented them with a comprehensive Public Relations plan for the purpose of presenting a public image that is one of compassion and to motivate the public to care about helping the cats through adoptions.