NCHS Healthy Kids Campaign

Closeup of a smiling brown eyed child and the text

The North County Health Services, Mission Pediatrics Health Center Capital Campaign was launched to ensure they could continue to help Oceanside families raise strong, healthy children, which will lead to a stronger, more prosperous community for all.

The North County Health Services Mission Mesa Pediatrics Health Center had been serving low-income, uninsured and underserved populations in Oceanside for more than 20 years. In an effort to meet the expected increase in demand for affordable healthcare services and projected growth, NCHS made the expansion of the Mission Mesa Pediatrics Health Center a top priority.

NCHS expanded its Mission Mesa Pediatrics Health Center from 3,024 sq. ft. to 12,639 sq. ft. The health center was able to go from serving up to 5,000 patients to over 9,000 children with a wider span of services, nearly doubling the amount of children served in the community.

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